Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Rolled Meat Soup (Baso Gulung) & Stir Fry Tempeh and Petai

Not so simple (not so difficult either) to make but yummy - recipe from my mummy

What you need:

250g minced pork
2 egg whites
2 shallots
1 clove of garlic
(blend shallots and garlic til quite smooth)
salt, pepper

4 eggs, sprinkle with a little salt, lightly beaten
2 egg whites
corn flour mixed with water

For the soup:
3 cloves of garlic - crushed
chicken stock powder
approx. 3L water
a little oil, salt, pepper

carrots, thinly cut
cauliflower, cut
spring onion

Mix A - set aside
Make 4 omelettes from the beaten eggs - set aside
Take 1 omelette, spread over egg whites and cornflour mixture then top with meat mixture, spread evenly
Roll the omelette with meat on top, wrap with clingwrap
Do the same for the rest of the omelettes
Steam the rolls for 30mins
Let cool and then put in the fridge

This is what it looks like after steaming:
(actually after I took out from the fridge hence the wrinkles here and there *grin*

While steaming, prepare the soup:
Bring water and chicken stock powder to boil
Heat oil, stir fry garlic til fragrant - add in the soup
Add salt and pepper to taste - let it simmer

Cut the rolled meat approx 2cm thickness - add in the soup
Add in carrots and cauliflower
Adjust the taste accordingly, off heat and sprinkle spring onion

Eat with rice and chilli sauce

And this below is the perfect partner to eat with the soup:

What you need:

3 blocks of tempeh, cut small
1/2 block of palm sugar - mix with a little sugar til forms smal rocks)
4 shallots - cut thinly
1 big red chilli - cut thinly
50g petai - halved
sweet soya sauce (kecap manis), salt, a little sugar, water, a little oil

Heat oil in the pan, stir fry shallots and red chilli til fragrant and soft
Add in tempeh, followed by palm sugar, kecap manis, water, salt, sugar - mix thouroughly til palm sugar totally dissolved
Bring to boil, add in petai
Simmer til petai soften ( I like it a little crunchy) and water lessen (around 5 minutes)

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