Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fried Mee

My family believes in celebrating birthday with noodles - for a long life wish
My mum made this for my daddy's bday yesterday:

What you need:

2 packets of egg noodles - prepare as instructed
5 cloves garlic - crushed
1 big onion - julienned
4 eggs - beaten with a little salt
1 chicken breast - diced
some chyesim - cut
oil, salt, pepper, a little sugar, fish sauce, kicap manis, a little water

Heat oil, scramble eggs well done - set aside
Heat oil, stir fry onion followed by garlic til fragrant
Add in chicken, stir fry til cooked
Add in noodles, stir well - followed by chyesim, add a little water, stir well til the veggies are cooked
Add in scrambled eggs
Season with salt, pepper, sugar, fish sauce, kicap manis til the desired taste

I love eating this fried mee with vegetable pickles:

And this is my fave brand for the pickles - easily found in any supermarket in Singapore:

My mum cooked another dish for him actually - cream chicken corn soup
I'll upload the details tomorrow :)

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