Friday, December 10, 2010

Prawns & Eggs

Been absent for too long - too engrossed in my resolution
An update : today is my 38th day and total weight loss = 6.2kgs YIPPEEEEE!!!! :P

Anyway, so far no update til so many pics queueing waiting patiently to be uploaded
Let's start with this dish - so very yummy...

What you need:

20pcs medium size prawns, shell removed, deveined
marinate the prawns with: a little corn starch, chicken stock powder, salt, pepper, chilli powder (optional)
5eggs, beaten
chopped spring onion
fish sauce, pepper, a little oil

Marinate the prawns
Mix beaten eggs with fish oil and pepper, add spring onion too
Heat up oil, add prawns quickly only until turns pink, pour eggs mixture, let cook for a bit, scramble a bit, remove and serve
Do not overcook the eggs and prawns

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