Friday, December 10, 2010

Tofu Puff With Dark Sweet Sauce (Tahu Pong)

Semarang, Central Java, the place where I was born...full of nice yummy food that mostly forgotten - never touch them for ages!
Nowadays they're getting easier to find elsewhere and one of them is this dish - tahu pong (hollow tofu)

Still its nowhere to find in Singapore, so since the craving strikes, I made the effort to make it myself...

The sauce:

The pickle:

What you need:

tofu puff - deep fried
hard boiled eggs - fry til the outer part turn brownish

For the sauce:
kecap manis, crushed garlic, water, sugar, prawn paste (Indonesian name it petis)
Mix all til form thick liquid

For the pickle:
1 white raddish - thinly cut
Mix all and keep in the airtight container - store in the fridge (the best is at least half day in advance)

Dip the tofu and eggs in the sauce, eat with rice and the pickle

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