Friday, October 31, 2014

Indonesian Basic White Condiment Paste

Indonesian dishes are well known for the usage of rich herbs and spices which contribute to the distinctive fragrance and taste. Mostly, they're grinded together into paste form and cooked with any kind of meat of your choice, fish or others such as egg, tempeh or vegetables
One thing is, it can be quite a hassle to prepare. We're talking about lots of chopping here, that is a hassle to me :)
Preparing the basic paste in advance is proven to be really helpful in cutting short the tedious process. Just take it out from the freezer, thaw and cook accordingly
Many Indonesians do that. Including me. We all have our own version of recipes, adjusted to our liking. And here's my version :)
For 4 servings (each serving can be used for cooking 1 whole chicken or 2 large fish)
What you need: 
300g shallots
120g garlic
120g candlenut
30g coriander seeds
2 1/4 tsp salt
1 1/4 tsp sugar
1 1/4 tsp ground white pepper
240ml water
120ml canola oil
6 pcs Indonesian bay leaves
6 pcs kaffir lime leaves
3 stalks of lemongrass
1 thumb size of old ginger root
1 thumbs size of blue ginger
  1. Peel and cut shallots and garlic (shed the tears away, ladies! I cried so much during this step LOL). Grind together using Bosch MaxoMixx Hand Blender’s XL chopper attachment
  2. Chop candlenut into small piece. Peel both ginger and pound lightly. Also lightly pound lemongrass
  3. Heat wok and dry fry candlenut, remove from heat. Dry fry coriander seeds, remove from heat. Grind them together using Bosch MaxoMixx Hand Blender’s XL chopper attachment
  4. In a blender, grind together shallots mixture and candlenut mixture, salt, sugar, pepper, water til forms smooth paste. I used Bosch MaxoMixx Hand Blender's blender attachment speed 4
  5. Transfer to a wok and cook for a few mins til hot
  6. Add in oil, both leaves, lemongrass, both ginger
  7. Let cook over medium low fire until fragrant and well cooked, stir occasionally
  8. Let cool, discard leaves and roots, and divide into 4 airtight containers or glass jars
  9. Keep in the fridge for a week or two or in the freezer for a few months

Dry fry coriander seeds
Chop and dry fry candlenuts
Cut garlic and shallots
Bosch MaxoMixx Hand Blender’s XL chopper attachment
Grind mixture of candlenuts and coriander seeds
Now is the garlic and shallots' turn
Using blender attachment, blend both candlenut mixture and garlic mixture with water
Smooth paste is formed
Cooking the paste with other ingredients
Now that the paste is ready, time to cook a dish :)
This time I cooked turmeric grilled chicken using the paste
I grinded a thumb size of turmeric (or you may use 1 tsp of ground turmeric) and mix in to the paste, and I got a yellow paste

And this is how I prepared the grilled chicken:

1. Rinse well a whole free range chicken and into 8 parts. Rub all over with salt and juice of a large lime. Set aside for a few minutes, do not rinse. In a wok, mix in chicken parts with yellow paste and water (I used about 1 1/2 cup)
I included the leaves and roots used beforehand to make the paste


2. Let boil and then cover, simmer over low fire til the water reduced in quantity and thickened

3. Grill until browned. Brush the chicken all over with the remaining yellow paste during grilling

Here it is :)

The yellow paste

 Yummy yummy succulent chicken. You may deep fry too, but I prefer grilling them. I find it's more flavourful

You may use the white paste as it is, or turn it into yellow paste like I did, or adding chilli to turn into red paste. Very versatile, I must say :)


  1. Thanks to tell me a proper way to make this recipe ........!!

    atlanta cooking school

  2. Hi Alice,
    This Indonesia white condiment paste grilled chicken sure looks delicious!
    Wish that I can have a piece from you :p



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