Sunday, December 8, 2013

ABC December 2013 - Hot Buttered Soft Pretzels

Baked this yesterday. Despite me on medication, my itch for baking came. So I remember that I haven't done my homework for ABC this month so here it is :)

Pretty simple to bake, and yielded a delicious buttery soft pretzels I usually only enjoy when I visited German eateries. Crisp skin with soft and chewy interior! Love it! :)
I had this for breakfast this morning and after warm it in the microwave for 15 seconds, it tasted just like fresh from the oven :)

Recipe is courtesy of King Arthur Flour. Step by step instruction which was really helpful for me can be viewed HERE
I followed the recipe without any change, except that I skipped the salt topping since I didn't have coarse or pretzel salt at home. Hence salted butter was used to brush the hot pretzels
Lovely taste with great texture...yum! I could eat it plain. Even though a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar is highly recommended. As well as spread of cream cheese :)

This post is for Avid Baker's Challenge December 2013, a baking event hosted by Hanaa from Hanaa's Kitchen where we bake recipes from King Arthur Flour for this year


  1. wah enak kayanya...cakep warnanya..*comot 1

  2. I love soft pretzels. These have turned out beautiful.


  3. those pretzels look great, Alice. Nice color and they look so soft and fluffy inside. Great job. I hope you feel better soon.

  4. u just reminded me i haven't made pretzel ... i love the texture of your pretzels!

  5. wow this looks absolutely delicious! I will definitely sprinkle lots of cinnamon so that it tastes like Auntie Anne's ;)

  6. Somehow, this butterred pretzel remind me about christmas and put me in the mood, i'm missing my home for christmast even more now!
    btw, my mom used to add browned butter on pretzel......
    Salam kenal mbak, GBU

  7. Hope you are better now. Your pretzels look great. Yes cinnamon sugar tastes great. Cream cheeses sounds good too.



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