Friday, March 8, 2013

February Weekends Breakfast

These are the breakfast I made during weekends in the month of February...
Toast white bread, hashbrown, crisp fried bacon and poached egg
Yes, I finally managed to make a not too bad looking poached egg LOL
Through my many times of experiments, what seems important is to pour the egg real gently into the swirling water, the pot is to be on medium low fire where the water simmers, and not to swirl the water too vigorously

Cheese omelette
Sprinkle grated cheddar in the centre of the omelette when half cooked, fold the left and right side towards the centre, cooked using Happy Call pan

Fried ham, toasted bun with cheese and scrambled egg

Banana cinnamon french toast
Too lazy to caramelize the banana, which I quite regretted :)


  1. Alice, you made such yummy breakfasts! It's almost dinner time now and I feel even more hungry just looking at your breakfast LOL!

  2. Hehe looks like you perfected your poached egg :)

  3. good choice on breakfast menu for the month.. i'm salivating already as this is the kind of breakfast that I lurrvvee to eat. Well done on the eggs!

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  5. All breakfasts look good, but not all are my girls' favourite. I hope they will appreciate these type of breakfasts.



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