Saturday, November 3, 2012

Nutella Marbled Cake - Aurora Tiered Birthday Cake 4 Abigail

1 November was my 'lil princess 7th birthday
How time flies! I still remember what happened every single minute during the 10 hours I spent in the hospital waiting for her arrival.. and now, she's a sweet young girl celebrating her 7th birthday!

As usual, it's the special request birthday cake from the birthday girl
This time, she never specified any character she wanted on the cake. She just wanted a tiered cake, and it had to be a three tiered cake
Oopss! Something I never did before! Let alone three, I haven't even made two!
And thinking about smoothing the whole tiered cake with buttercream, it frustrated me even before I made the buttercream!
So, I decided to use fondant this time - the decision made with all my fingers and toes crossed since I, as you all know, am not good in cake decorating at all :)
But everything for my girl - I guess all mummies will agree with me :P

So, 31 October was the cake baking day, I baked Nutella cake using the recipe from Sam's site
This is the second recipe I made for Nutella cake and I definitely will stick to this recipe  This cake is really good, trust me!
It tasted better and had texture that I prefer, moist! Yes, I like moist butter cake
Well, anybody ever know somebody who likes dry butter cake? LOL
Just for reference, you may view the first recipe I made HERE
It's slightly different cos it's not marbled cake, it's plain butter cake with Nuttela mixed in the batter and then baked. It's nice, but this one is better :)

It's a really tiring day, I cooked, took care of the kids and house, baked two recipes of this cake, made buttercream, assembled the cake and crumb coated the cake and finally, the most daunting part - did the 'piling up high like mountain' dishes :-O
I was exhausted at the end of the day, my legs were so painful for long period of standing

The next day, on the day itself early morning I took out the cake from the fridge and rolled out the fondant
Big mistake of the day: I covered the cake with fondant while the cake was still cold
The next thing I knew, it started to have condensation everywhere
I could only stare in despair, for I couldn't do anything to remedy the situation
But I still went ahead to do the little deco here and there and in fact, I used the condensation as glue LOL
What worried me was the whole fondant would collapse, so I kept checking on the cake, patted here and there, tried to smoothen everywhere with my hands dusted with icing sugar wew.... Ants would love my house on that day :)
Luckily nothing major happened to the cake, I learnt my lesson and problem solved after I moved to cake into air conditioned room
But, as a price to pay for my negligence, some parts of the cake wasn't smooth at all :(

After done with everything, I was quite satisfied, despite the condensation tragedy
It's only my second fondant cake, after all (read: self consolation) LOL
Abby was thrilled and she was the one who took the initiative to choose and place Princess Aurora on top :)

The delicious cake, a must try!
I didn't manage to do the marble effect nicely, but who cares? The taste was just too awesome it didn't matter anymore :)

The excited birthday girl :)

Happy birthday my sweet little princess Abigail  XOXO :)


  1. Wow, great job Alice! Hw thoughtful of you to make such a beautiful cake for your girl, so much work goes into it. Is very beautiful. The nutella cake sounds good, must it one day. Hv a good weekend!

  2. Happy Birthday to your princess!

  3. Happy birthday to your little princess,she is pretty!Alice,you did a great job in making such a pretty cake

  4. Oh wow, what a gorgeous cake! The inside of the cake looks so good too.

  5. Happy Belated Birthday to your sweet girl.Wow, you have made a great Birthday cake for her, very impressive!

  6. Happy Birthday to Abigail! You have made a stunning birthday cake, it is beautiful! Great job, Alice! And your cake looks so moist and delicious!

  7. Happy Birthday! The cake is so pretty! Good job!

  8. Happy birthday to princess Abigail! This is indeed a lovely princess cake ! So sweet & girly, all the things I LOVE in a cake!

  9. Selamat ultah buat Abby ya mbak,

    Cantik dan elegant kuenya, kapan ya bisa bikin kayak gini ^^

    1. makasih Hes :)
      wah, kamu mah tangannya trampil gitu, pasti bisa bikin yg jauh lbh bagus :)

  10. A very beautiful cake, Alice. Yes as long as it tastes good, who care about th marble effect.

  11. well done!! all the hard effort and stress ..all worth it!!

  12. Whoa Alice!! That's definitely TALENT!! I'm so glad you liked this recipe!! :D Yeah! It's definitely my "to-go" birthday cake recipe at times too! haha.. Great job on such a beautiful cake! And your daughter is soooo cute!! She must have been so proud of her moma! :)

    1. thks Sam :)
      oh, i am not sure if i'm actually talented in cake deco, seriously LOL

  13. Alice,
    Belated Happy Birthday to your sweet n lovely girl.
    Wow, You have made a beautiful cake for her. Well done!
    I am a mother myself, I understand how a mum wanted so much to make a cake by herself for her girl:D

    Would like to share a small tip with you so the next time you wouldn't have little ants come to you house when you make another fondant cake. How to making a fondant duster? Prepare a piece of square linen cloth or a thin cloth, put in some sifted icing sugar. Pull up the 4 corners of the cloth, meet them together and tide them up with a rubber band. This will look like a powder duster. You can use this to dust or pat your fondant cake surface with no excess icing sugar everywhere.
    Hope this does help if you have a next project : )
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. thks Mui, yes, this cake basically was made by love :)
      oh thks so much for the tips - such a brilliant idea :)



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