Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Nasi Liwet Solo

That's the name. I do not know how to translate it in English LOL
A very fragrant and delicious Indonesian dish particularly from a city in Central Java called Solo I can't find in Singapore so no choice I must make my own whenever the craving sets in. And it's a pretty complicated as there are several dishes in it. A lot of ingredients involved, a lot of work too. But it's worth it. Seriously! :)

A dish typically served on a layer of banana leaf over the serving plate
It consists of tasty coconut rice, white curry chicken, stir fry spicy chayote, egg stew and yellow curry thick sauce. Put together and eat. Heaven!
Recipe is from Diah Didi's Kitchen
What you need & method:
For the tasty rice:
250g rice
2 Indonesian bay leaves (daun salam)
1 lemongrass, take just the white part and lightly pounded
enough salt
600ml coconut milk (I mixed 300ml coconut cream with 300ml water)
Mix everything in rice cooker and let it cook. When the switch turned to warm, let it stand for 15mins then fluff up the rice (the amount of coconut milk varies according to the type of rice used)
For the stir fry spicy chayote:
2 chayote, peeled and cut into thin strips
8 shallots, sliced
4 cloves of garlic, sliced
2 Indonesian bay leaves
2cm blue ginger, lightly pounded
6 large red chilies, discard the seeds (you can keep the seeds for spicier taste.. original recipe used 4pcs only as she added bird's eye chilies too)
10 green bird's eye chilies - whole (I skipped)
1/2 tbsp dried shrimp, soak in warm water to soften and grind til fine
1 tsp chicken stock powder
enough salt
1/2 tbsp coconut sugar
800ml coconut milk (I mixed 400ml coconut cream with 400ml water)
2 tbsp cooking oil
Heat oil in a pan. Sautee shallots, garlic and chilies til fragrant. Add in dried shrimp, bay leaves, blue ginger, mix well. Add in coconut milk, chicken stock powder, salt, coconut sugar and bring to boil. Add in chatoye, stir well and let everything cooked. Adjust the taste and you're done
For the white curry chicken:
1 whole free range chicken, washed and cleaned, discard unwanted fats and cut into 2parts
1L coconut milk (I mixed 500ml coconut cream with 500ml water)
2 Indonesian bay leaves
3 kaffir lime leaves
2 lemongrass, lightly pounded
3cm blue ginger, lightly pounded
1 tbsp coconut sugar
enough salt
To grind together: 8 shallots + 2 cloves of garlic + 6 roughly chopped candlenuts + 1 tsp coriander seeds + 2cm peeled yellow ginger
In a large wok or pot  add in the blended ingredients, chicken, coconut milk, bay & lime leaves, lemongrass, blue ginger and coconut sugar. Bring to boil and then let simmer til the chicken soft and  liquid thickened up. Add in salt, and adjust the taste. Transfer the chicken into another serving bowl and reserve the liquid to make the curry thick sauce
For the eggs:
4 hard boiled eggs, peeled
1.5L water
1 1/2 tsp salt
a handful of shallots skin
2 Indonesian bay leaves
In a pot bring to boil all ingredients and simmer til eggs turned brown. Transfer the eggs onto a serving plate
For the curry thick sauce (we call it "areh" in Indonesia):
2 beaten eggs
enough of the soup used to cook the chicken
In a heat proof bowl, mix eggs and soup and steam til cooked, about 20mins over medium heat

How to serve...
Place a layer of clean banana leaf, scoop some coconut rice over it added with the egg, spicy chayote, shredded chicken and the thick curry sauce
For those who like really spicy dish, you may eat with sambal belachan. Yum!

This post is linked to the event Little Thumbs Up (October 2015 : Coconut) organised by Zoe of Bake for Happy Kids and Doreen of My Little Favourite DIY, and hosted by Jess from Bakericious



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