Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Mango Pudding

This is one pudding with mousse like consistency as no binding agent used such as gelatine or agar agar. Yummy as it is, but I still prefer those more solid texture kind. Nevertheless, it's still a great sweet cold treat in the recent hot humid days

Smooth, creamy and sweet, I like :)

I really can't remember where I got this recipe from. It's from one of FB group I joined. To the person who created this recipe, my apology for not mentioning you
Here is the recipe...
What you need:
300ml fresh milk
200ml double cream
2 medium size mangoes, cut and pureed
2 tbsp sugar (my mangoes were really sweet)
2 tbsp custard powder
  1. In a bowl, mix in all ingredients and blend til smooth and no lumps
  2. Bring the mixture to a boil over medium fire, stir all the time about 10mins
  3. Pour into individual serving bowl, bring to room temperature and cool in the fridge
This post is linked to the event Little Thumbs Up (June 2015: Cream) organised by Zoe of Bake for Happy Kids and Doreen of My Little Favourite DIY, and hosted by Diana from The Domestic Goddess Wannabe


  1. That looks really refreshing, perfect for a hot June day : )

  2. Hi Alice,

    I reckon... the custard powder must be the "binding" agent of these puddings. Every mouthful is so smooth and creamy :D


    1. Yes Zoe, the custard powder did help but still not the consistency I prefer
      But still it's enjoyable sweet cold treat :)

  3. Hi Alice,
    Yummy mango pudding~
    I believe this is such a great treat for a hot and humid weather that we are having now.
    Thanks for sharing this to LTU!

    1. Thks Mui :) Yes it's really hot recently...

  4. Mmmm! This lovely creamy mango pudding sure looks tempting! Thank you for sharing this recipe, Alice! :)

  5. Hi Alice I can eat this any time - it is to date one of my family's favourite desserts!



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