Saturday, February 11, 2012

Banana Choco Cheese English Muffin

This month's LBT's 13th challenge, english muffin
Not a typical muffin in general, it's more to bread kind
I honestly doesn't really fancy this type of muffin, I find the texture is too ruberry, and not sure about my family
The kids always skip this muffin everytime we have McD breakfast, they still opt for omelette, pancake and hashbrown
So I decided to make just enough for one time consumption
Surprisingly, we like my version (ahem... LOL)
Abby loves it with nutella or strawberry jam, Ian likes it with butter and chocolate rice
I personally prefer it with jam, so does DH

The pic below, taken with my Blackberry phone since the camera is resting, is my muffin, Indonesian style LOL, really yummy
Indonesians really love the combination of banana, chocolate and cheese. Since I happened to have king banana, the sweetest banana of all which is very difficult to find here in Singapore, I made full use of it :)

Recipe is from with slight modification I made

What you need:
(below is only 1/3 of the original recipe)

80ml fresh milk
8g white sugar
2g dry yeast
80ml lukewarm water
15g melted shortening
150g all purpose flour
100g bread flour
2g salt
enough cornmeal (it can be replaced with rice flour)
  1. Warm up milk til bubbles, remove from heat. Mix in sugar, stir til dissolves, let cool til lukewarm
  2. In a small bowl, dissolve yeast in lukewarm water, til frothy approx 10mins
  3. Combine milk and yeast mixture, shortening, half portion of the flour, and knead til smooth
  4. Add salt and the rest of the flour, knead til elastic, place in lightly greased bowl, cover and let rise
  5. Punch down, roll til 1/2 inch thick, cut round with large round cookie cutter, sprinkle waxed paper with cornmeal, set the rounds on this, dust the top with cornmeal too, cover and let rise for 1/2 hour
  6. Heat greased griddle, cook each side til golden brown (medium heat), Keep all baked muffins in warm oven til all cooked
  7. Allow to cool, place in plastic bag for storage
  8. To consume, poke all around the side with fork and open it up, put in a toaster for awhile and use filling as desired
English muffin typically served with bacon/meat patties, sunny side up and melted cheese
But if you prefer sweet version, jam is used most of the time

Btw, I was totally forgotten to post the previous month of LBT #12 challenge, which was its first anniversary
Birthday cake was the challenge and I did a simple one with fondant
I can only do simple one, anyway hehehe....
Had short term memory loss, I put the fondant decorated cake in the fridge, while knowing fondant biggest enemy is refrigerator wew....
So, pardon the melting fondant on the cake :(
Cake was chocolate cotton cake I made before


  1. english muffin is also on my list to do..i probably love mine to be grilled..i will try making some english muffins and see if i like them. btw, i've tried out your red velvet cupcake recipe for the bake along tomorrow. it's very nice, thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Alice, your muffin look delicious and I love your chocolate cake design, so cute and pretty.
    Please drop by my blog to claim your awards which I would like to pass to you. Happy valentine day and have a nice romantic day with your family.

  3. Alice, your muffins look very soft and good.

  4. hi Lena, hope u like it :)
    oh yes, the red velvet cupcakes is really yummy, glad u like it too :)

    hi Amelia, thks :)
    and also thank you for the award, will drop by anytime soon :)

    hi Yummy Bakes, thks you :)



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