Sunday, May 15, 2011

Indonesian Prawns & Chicken Cake (Kekian)

My family's all time fave which I never cook myself, til I found out that it's easy to make :)
Kekian, is a typical Indonesian dish famous in Semarang - Central Java

My mum's recipe...

What you need:

200g chicken breast - diced
200g prawns - deshelled, deveined and cut
50g pork oil, tiny cut (optional - I didn't use for health reason - no doubt this crucial ingredients does a major part in giving a soft and springy cake)
3 tbsp plain flour to form a thick paste
3 big pinches of salt, dash of pepper, a pinch of sugar, 3 pinches of chicken stock powder
6 large eggs - lightly beaten (if using pork oil, eggs can be reduced to 4)

Blend smooth chicken, prawns, pork oil, salt, pepper, sugar
Mix flour and eggs by hands til well mixed
Arrange batter on a lightly oil greased pan and steam for approximately 45 mins (I used 20cm round pan) - cover the top with heat proof plastic
Let cool - cut square and pan fry til golden brown

Can be consumed in few different ways:

Deep fried and eat with sweet soya sauce (kecap manis) mixed with cut bird's eye chillis (Indonesian brand ABC sells ready to eat in bottle - convenient)

Cooked in stir fry with garlic and veggies
Simply stir fry crushed garlic and cut from 1 small onion on a heated pan with oil, add in veggies (I used cut cabbage only), water, salt, pepper, a little sugar and corn starch mixed with a little water to thicken the gravy, throw in kekian, stir well

Mixed in fried noodle
(recipe here - just replace the chicken with kekian)

Recently only I found another recipe for this dish - you may view here 
A little different and sounds tasty, I will give it a try next time :)


  1. this also sounds interesting to me! i think by eating them plain after frying would be just as tasty!

  2. mmm I would love to try this out. For me I will eat is plain with some chili sauce :)

  3. hi Lena and ICook4Fun...I like to eat them plain after frying too! :)
    thks for dropping by :)

  4. I miss kekian! I'm gonna give it a try, maybe replacing chicken with porky pig :D

  5. hi Rita, yes, oink oink gives the best texture for kekian actually hehe...
    Peppy's recipe looks good too :)



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